Eakins Contracting & Construction Ltd.


Eakins Contracting and Construction offers a ten year warranty because we are confident in the work we do. We have extensive experience in garages, retaining walls, yard structural landscaping, and renovations. Every job we do is customized to your needs, we work with the client to ensure you are getting what you’re looking for in your project.


Solid, engineered structures with function and form.


Helping you to see past the blemishes.


Designing and building a welcoming outdoor space.


Deconstructing the old to make way for the new.

Residential BUIDLING

With our residential builds, nothing is impossible. Do you have an idea that is out of the ordinary but not sure how to accomplish this? We work with you to see your custom project through, exactly how you want it, while keeping up to code with building regulations. You can have that multi-purpose garage with built in workshop, plenty of space for your vehicles or a carriage house for additional living space.

We Can Help You With

Carriage Houses

Privacy is important to give your guests their own space with our custom carriage houses.


It’s no fun to freeze in your cold car on the way to work so let us build you a heated garage to keep the frigid temperatures out.

Custom Work

We build what you imagine. We work with you to see your custom project through, exactly how you want it.

Are you ready to get building? Do you need advice on how to make that design in your head a reality? Our experienced team of qualified workers has the knowledge and skill to produce the quality you desire. Eakins Contracting and Construction is committed to you so let us start making your home dreams a reality!


And Additions To Your Home

We are experienced in complete tear down, additions, small-scale bathrooms, and whole home remodels. We are able to change your roofline in order to replace attics with vaulted ceilings.

We also deliver on new garage packages, carriage houses, and yard remodeling.


A renovated kitchen brightens up the area where you gather over cocktails and hors d’oeuvres; combining this with a remodeled bathroom, your home has added value.

Residential DECKS & FENCING

We are able to remove old structure, add to existing, or start from scratch. We specialize in retaining walls and structural contouring to ensure you have proper drainage from your home. We work with a number of materials from composite to wood to concrete.


For Residential Homes and Garages

We focus on a clean work site during the demolition process. Materials are recycled and disposed of in a timely and organized fashion. We have appropriate excavation and trucking at our disposal in order to ensure the mess is not left on your property.

Did You Know We Offer Financing?

We offer financing through Financeit – affordable loans to build the project you want.