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We live in a world of shifting real-estate tastes. Many people are choosing to be more urbanized, and living more centrally. This has led to an increased demand for apartments, condos, and townhouses. No trend though can erase fifty plus years of zoning laws and established communities, especially in the Calgary area where the detached home has almost always been king.

Carriage houses and laneway homes are a unique solution to urban densification. Carriage houses are a great way to give guests to your home added privacy and can also make a great rental suite that adds value to your property.

Why build a Carriage House?

Carriage houses are a great way to make guests to your home feel welcomed, without anyone feeling like they are in the others way. Imagine having a whole separate home for your parents or in-laws stay in when they visit. A place where they can keep to their routines without disrupting yours, and can have their privacy while respecting yours. How would that affect their visits? Would being able to maintain a separate space make extended stays more enjoyable and practical? What kind of change would it bring for your kids to have grandma and grandpa living in the house but the house?

Carriage houses and laneway homes are full living suites that are semi-detached from the main home. A laneway home is a functionally detached small home built on an existing property, while a carriage house is either a converted garage, but more commonly a suite built on top of a garage.

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As carriage houses and laneway homes become more and more popular, many companies are trying to cash in on the craze. These structures are complicated and are easily botched even for otherwise seasoned professionals.

We have been building and designing quality carriage houses for 18 years. Our team and network know what we are doing, because we’ve been working on carriage homes and laneway houses long before they were a trend.

We are happy to design a carriage house unique to your home and needs, and offer free quotes so that you can adjust your expectations and know exactly what you’re getting with your money.

Invest in Eakins Carriage Houses

These structures can also be an investment to your home as they make for great rental suites.

They give renters the opportunity to live in neighbourhoods that would otherwise be unavailable to them. Having a rental opportunity on your own property also gives the same benefits of the guest suite we wrote about earlier. These rental suites are also easier for you the owner to maintain and keep an eye on since they are right there.



Carriage houses allow for privacy, an extra living space for your home or even the option of renting it out for a little extra cash. Let us show you the value in a semi-detached design.

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