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Don’t see what you’re looking for? Or maybe you have a unique spin on something you’ve read and have questions about it? We have extensive design experience and close working relationships with other designers.

We can help you with all manner of projects, some might be as simple as a retaining wall or the laying of a cement foundation, or a larger project like a carriage or laneway home. Every job we do is custom, and we can work with you so that the project you’re envisioning comes around functionally and to your satisfaction.

Why Choose Us For Your Projects?

Work is only one half of the equation though. The other is building a relationship of trust for a custom job. Deciding to take a chance and do something outside the box for your home is intimidating. It’s one thing to draw it out on paper or map it out on your computer, it’s another to actually set the about doing the work. This is where my handshake approach to business really comes through.

Eakins Contracting and Construction will work with you each step of the way:

First, we will sit down with you at the design phase, working through the uniqueness of property and circumstances until all parties are happy with it.

Next, we’ll help you secure the necessary permits and licenses, this includes survey information, zoning permits, and help you identify limits, easements, or any other codes and regulations that may disrupt your project.

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Once we have the administrative side of things taken care of, we can integrate you and your project with our network of tradesmen. Most projects will require more than two sets of hands to get done, that’s a lot of trust to be putting into people working on your home.

We take full responsibility in coordinating the relationship between our contractors and you. We will work together and before any contracts are signed, you’ll know who’s doing what on your project, and how long they’ve been at it. Once that’s been established, you rest easy knowing that we will be working side-by-side with these guys, maintaining the global view and detail oriented perspective of the work.

Everything we take in will be communicated with you almost to the moment, so that you are kept in the loop of what is going.

Eakins Handshake Approach to Business

Any construction project, but especially custom work, requires patience and trust. The lack of these qualities were a constant source of frustration for us before we went into business on our own.

Now that Eakins Contracting and Construction is off the ground, we are in a position to bring back the handshake approach to business, to work with clients every step of the way to get what’s on paper out into the world. If you have project that’s a bit off the beaten path, don’t hesitate to ask about it.



Eakins Contracting and Construction personalizes your project to your vision while using our experience to give you what you need. Each of our workers are knowledgeable on different aspects of construction, from conception to design, and work together to achieve fluidity of your home-based creation.

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Are you ready to get building? Do you need advice on how to make that design in your head a reality? Our experienced team of qualified workers has the knowledge and skill to produce the quality you desire. Eakins Contracting and Construction is committed to you so let us start making your home dreams a reality!

Did you know We offer financing?

We offer financing through Financeit – affordable loans to build the project you want.

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