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This is another area where DIYers can get in over their head. There is a science to demolitions, and the difference between the ones who know it and use it, and those that don’t can be thousands of dollars. For most people demolition means explosions. That is definitely part of it. Most demolitions work is more hammers and backhoes though, and that means there are things that need to be taken into consideration.

Eakins Contracting and Construction handles four of the most important of these considerations; federal and provincial regulation compliance, safety, equipment and the skills to use them, and removal.



Regulations are no joke. Even seemingly minor violations can cost you a lot in fines or worse. It takes a lot of preparation and research to make sure your demolition project is within guidelines set down by the government. This can take months, which many do not have. Instead, why not let us worry about these things. After twenty years there isn’t much we don’t know about what can and can’t be done during a demolition, knowledge that will save you both time and money.



Next there is safety to consider. The vehicles and tools of demolition can be very dangerous. A misplaced scoop of the backhoe shovel can rupture water pipes or an electrical line, the former is a headache no one wants to deal with, the latter a potentially lethal accident. Even handheld tools have the potential to cause serious harm and unintended damage. The swing of a sledgehammer on load baring walls can be the end of your demolition project and the start of your repair one, assuming you haven’t brought the roof down on your head.

All of this is to say that skills count for a lot, and skills take time to acquire. With countless hours of experience our team and our network have those skills needed to do the job correctly, which also means safely.



Removal is the final stage of any demolition project, and one not typically thought out. What materials can be salvaged or recycled? The answer to this question might be the difference between a bit of extra money in your pocket or a government fine. Since we’re on the topic of money, just who is going to take care of the mess when the job is over? The clean up from a demolition without professional help can be weeks and rack up dumping fees.

There’s also safety issues to consider, molds, asbestos, and other inhalants are things that need to considered and checked for before any demolition work begins.

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Let us take care of that renovation and trash disposal so it gets done right the first time.

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A demolition in our hands means following rule number 1, safe removal. 20 years of experience means we know what can be salvaged and how to properly remove hazardous materials. Let us efficiently and safely remove debris so you can re-build new in no time.

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