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Barndominiums, nicknamed “barndos,” got their start as a practical living option. Many farmers and ranchers created a loft area above a working barn so that animal caretakers could stay close by. Fast forward to today where the popularity of barndominiums has evolved into luxury homes and vacation rentals. Most “barndo” construction uses a steel shell, then adds tons of interior customization options.


Unlike a traditional wood stud home, the interior does not need load-bearing walls. The steel frame offers more than enough support for the roof beams and rafters.

Why Build A Barndominium or A Pole Barn House?

Traditional homes cost more to construct. Building a stud frame requires more labor compared to erecting a wood or steel post frame. The framing for interior walls and the placement of load-bearing walls also increases the cost.

No matter if you choose a steel barndominium or a pole barn home, you are likely to save money compared to building a traditional home.

There is no ‘typical’ barndominium or pole barn build, but most share a few key advantages:

If you dislike the idea of living in a steel building, consider building a pole barn home. You can still enjoy many benefits compared to building a traditional home.

If you want the most durable, long-lasting home, consider building a steel barndominium. Barndominiums can last longer than a lifetime and offer an endless selection of interior layouts and designs.

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In the end, the fact that you can design the interior of your home just the way you want it while preserving its feeling of spaciousness is something most home owners want. With a barndominium or pole barn, you’ll have this opportunity as well as more than just a few benefits – a safer, more durable home, with low costs of maintenance.

As mentioned, given their increase in popularity, we can expect to see more and more barndominiums, and we can be sure that there won’t be two to look the same on the inside. As they say, it’s not the shell that matters – what is inside and, in this case, around it, matters more.

We are happy to design a “barndo” or pole barn unique to your wants and needs, and offer free quotes so that you can adjust your expectations and know exactly what you’re getting with your money.

Dream Big And Build Affordably

Whether you want to go for large or small, opting for a barndominium or pole barn means you are free to choose. You can have a sprawling estate if you have a big family or you can go for something small and cozy. Flexibility and customizability are two aspects in which the larger barndominium or pole barn can match, if not surpass, any other build.

Every job we do is custom, and we can work with you so that the project you’re envisioning comes around functionally and to your satisfaction.

Residential BUIDLING

Barndominiums and Pole Barns are a versatile way of living that grants homeowners the invaluable ability to fully customize, add, remove, or change their home at will. Let us show you the value in building a home, custom built to fit your needs.

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It’s no fun to freeze in your cold car on the way to work so let us build you a heated garage to keep the frigid temperatures out.

Custom Work

We build what you imagine. We work with you to see your custom project through, exactly how you want it.

Are you ready to get building? Do you need advice on how to make that design in your head a reality? Our experienced team of qualified workers has the knowledge and skill to produce the quality you desire. Eakins Contracting and Construction is committed to you so let us start making your home dreams a reality!

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