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Calgary Carriage House | Do you have a child that just turned 16 and have no room for that new car? We can give that car a home with a new or additional garage build. Need a space to celebrate that 16th Birthday party? With the addition of a custom deck and fencing, both the barbeque and your neighbours will be happy. Our demolition services can tear down a wall or entire structure to help you build from scratch.

With the recent downturn in new home purchases, many of our clients are turning to home renovations and additions to their existing properties. We even offer carriage houses over garages to introduce a suite on the property.

We create personalized spaces to make your home unique.

Calgary Carriage House | Did You Know We Offer Financing?

Calgary Carriage House | We offer financing through Financeit – affordable loans to build the project you want.

Calgary Carriage House | We are experts in SERVICE


Solid, engineered structures with function and form.


Helping you to see past the blemishes.


Designing and building a welcoming outdoor space.


Deconstructing the old to make way for the new.