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Renovation Contractor Calgary | We are experts in HOME RENOVATIONS

Renovation Contractor Calgary | Renovations and add-ons can be a hassle. We get that. Dust, noise, plastic sheeting, shop-vacs, people coming and going through your space, a renovation project can make it so that you end up feeling like you’re living on a construction site.


Your home is for living, and that needs to be respected. To make that happen Eakins Contracting and Construction aims to give you an honest assessment of the cost and time of any given project you submit to us. We’ll lay it all out so that you can construct a realistic timeline and know what you’re signing on for. Next, we’ll make sure to respect your time by being organized and getting the project done in a timely manner. Make no mistake, this does not mean that we will compromise the integrity or quality of your project. Over the course of our career in construction we’ve not only built up our own skill sets but cultivated a network of skilled craftsmen, who share our commitment to customer satisfaction.


Together we work with you to make sure you’re happy with the renovation or add-on you want, get it done as quickly as possible, and get it right the first time, so your home can go back to being the living space.

Renovation Contractor Calgary | OUR RECENT PROJECTS

Renovation Contractor Calgary |  We will help you make sure you avoid the common mistakes many make when undergoing a renovation or add-on.

Our team and our partners can help you decide whether or not to change or resuscitate your windows. We’ll also take measurements for your rooms and doors, by doing this you’ll have a better idea of what furniture you can return to the renovated area or else make plans for adding other items in the future.

Finally, and crucially, we will never let the project get out of hand. We will help you keep your budget focused on where its needed, we will not allow the project to sprawl out until the important work is finished and only when that is done will we go on to the next part.

renovation contractor calgary

Renovation Contractor Calgary | With twenty years of construction experience we can not only give you a quality project, but get it to you quickly.

Renovation Contractor Calgary | We will keep the project on task, on budget, keeping you in the loop about all of it. Renovations and add-ons are meant to help you get the most out of your home, Eakins Contracting and Construction will help you get there.

Renovation Contractor Calgary | We are experts in SERVICE

Renovation Contractor Calgary | Let us take care of the dust and hard work of a home renovation or add-on. Leaving your plan in our hands means everything will be organized, done correctly and the way you want it. We work hard for you.

Solid, engineered structures with function and form.


Designing and building a welcoming outdoor space.


Deconstructing the old to make way for the new.

Renovation Contractor Calgary | Did You Know We Offer Financing?

Renovation Contractor Calgary | We offer financing through Financeit – affordable loans to build the project you want.