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Fence Contractor Calgary |  Decks and fences are a tempting project for DIYers because of how simple they look, but there is a lot to consider for these ‘simple’ projects. Landscape design, the best type of wood to use, all are things that need to be considered when engaging these projects.

The design of your deck is crucial to the final product. There are three key components to this:

Our design experience and that of my colleagues gives Eakins Contracting and Construction an advantage over many of our competitors. We will also be upfront with, and integrate you into the entire process so that the project stays your project and you know exactly what you’re getting.

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Fence Contractor Calgary | What material is best for your deck or fence? Cedar? Pine? Rosewood? Oak? There’s more to these materials than just their appearance. Cedar takes on little water, which makes it very rot resistant, but as a softwood it easily scuffs and scratches, something that can easily happen with metal patio furniture.

Maybe you’re looking for something more low maintenance and pest resistant, in which case maybe a composite material may be the best option. Composites can be chosen based on their colour and looks which gives a lot more options than organic wood, but the truth is the look and feel of composite materials just isn’t quite the same.

So what material is best for you? With our background in materials and trades we can figure that out. We can help choose the best materials for your circumstances, then design a deck that enhances your yard, or a fence that keeps things out without obstructing your view.

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Fence Contractor Calgary | Let us help you get the best deck and fence for your dollar.

Fence Contractor Calgary | Decks and fences may look easy, but a lot of thought needs to go into them, especially if you want them done right the first time around. Errors in foundation laying or materials can lead to a poor end product that will take time and money to set right.

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Fence Contractor Calgary | Outdoor spaces of your home are the first thing people see so we want to make it picturesque. Let us build you a deck that creates a calming atmosphere or the perfect spot for hosting an event. Do you want privacy but still desire a view? We can build a fence that accommodates both of these needs.


Solid, engineered structures with function and form.


Helping you to see past the blemishes.


Deconstructing the old to make way for the new.

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Fence Contractor Calgary | We offer financing through Financeit – affordable loans to build the project you want.