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Calgary Garage Builder | A lot of people don’t consider it, but your garage is one of the most important structures to a home. Just take a second to think about what else you keep in yours besides your car. Odds are good there’s spare furniture in there, tools, recreational things, camping gear, bikes, sports equipment, maybe even valuables you just haven’t gotten around to putting in the main house.

Like the rest of your home then, your garage needs to be well designed not just aesthetically appealing, but also be proofed against southern Alberta’s weather extremes. A project like this requires trained landscape designers and tradesmen, working together to complete a structure that looks like a part of your home, because your garage is one of the most important rooms in your home.

Calgary Garage Builder | Garages are a specialty for Eakins Contracting and Construction. We’ve designed and executed over 1500 garage projects over a twenty-year career and are proud of every one of them. We not only bring our own design and trades skills to any garage project, but also those of the designers and workers we’ve built relationships with over the length of our career.

Together we work with you every step of the way, making sure your garage can safely accommodate your car, your hobby gear, or whatever you decide to store in it. This includes the design of the structure, the laying of foundations including cement, framing, weatherproofing, and electrical work.

We don’t treat your garage as an add-on, but an extension of your house, something Eakins Contracting and Construction take very seriously. Every home is unique, and your garage needs to reflect the nature of that uniqueness.

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Calgary Garage Builder | At the end of the day, a home’s garage is like its treasure room, so more than a little thought should be put into its design and execution. Whether its a carport, detached garage, or a garage integrated into the main structure of your home, we will help you through each phase of the project.

In the end you’ll have the garage designed to your specifications and adapted to the layout of your property. We will then get the structure built quickly, so that you can get to using it. Look forward to hearing from you!

You can rest a little easier knowing that your project is in the hands of competent professionals who take pride in their work. 

Calgary Garage Builder | Residential BUIDLING

Calgary Garage Builder | With our residential builds, nothing is impossible. Do you have an idea that is out of the ordinary but not sure how to accomplish this? We work with you to see your custom project through, exactly how you want it, while keeping up to code with building regulations. You can have that multi-purpose garage with built in workshop, plenty of space for your vehicles or a carriage house for additional living space.

Calgary Garage Builder | We Can Help You With

Carriage Houses

Privacy is important to give your guests their own space with our custom carriage houses.

Custom Work

We build what you imagine. We work with you to see your custom project through, exactly how you want it.

Calgary Garage Builder | Are you ready to get building? Do you need advice on how to make that design in your head a reality? Our experienced team of qualified workers has the knowledge and skill to produce the quality you desire. Eakins Contracting and Construction is committed to you so let us start making your home dreams a reality!

Calgary Garage Builder | Did You Know We Offer Financing?

Calgary Garage Builder | We offer financing through Financeit – affordable loans to build the project you want.