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Garage Builder In Calgary | We’ve been in construction for over twenty years, as employees, managers, and business owners. Our experience makes us a great bridge between client’s vision and tradesmen know-how, and work hard to ensure everyone is happy with the end product. Together, we’ll work to achieve the project you are envisioning within the budget agreed upon.

Garage Builder In Calgary | Our Career

Garage Builder In Calgary | We wanted things to run on a personable level, client and contractor coming together, negotiating, shaking hands, and getting to work. From day one when we started in this business that’s how we wanted things to be. Construction is a craft in which the product is the home the client wants.

Early in our careers, we were disappointed by how often clients were treated as just another target to hit sales. It made every project work, and the relationship with clients suffered because of it. That’s not what we wanted for our careers.

We spent years cultivating relationships with the tradespeople who made things happen, and learned as much as we could about the industry; tools, materials, relationship building, management, anything that would help us eventually build the company we wanted.

We’ve Been Named As One Of Calgary’s Best! You Can Read The Article Here.


Garage Builder In Calgary | Bringing Back The

Handshake Approach To Business


Garage Builder In Calgary | Eakins Contracting and Construction is the end result of twenty-years of learning and working in this industry. I’m working to bring back the handshake approach to business. What that means is I want to work hard to ensure everyone is happy with the end product. This is why Eakins Contracting and Construction offers two key services meant to build trust with you; a ten year warranty and free quotes.


We offer a ten year warranty for one simple reason, we are absolutely confident in the quality of the work we provide. I have extensive experience in garages, retaining walls, yard and structural landscaping, and renovations.


No project is too big or too small, we want to help you execute the vision you have of your project. Hope to hear from you soon, and I look forward to shaking hands and getting to work.

Garage Builder In Calgary | Calgary’s Experts in CONTRACTING & CONSTRUCTION

Garage Builder In Calgary | We understand the importance of a welcoming, lived in space and use our experience to help transform your ideas into reality. Communication is key to a successful project. We work closely with our clients in order to achieve their project goals.


Designing and building a safe space for your valuables.


Give your guests privacy & add value to your property.


Concrete driveways, sidewalks and more!


Solid, engineered structures with function and form.

This company has one goal, to serve you.

Eakins Contracting and Construction is the pinnacle of a career geared towards building and working with clients to do great things.

Garage Builder In Calgary | Over 20 Years Of Construction Experience.

Garage Builder In Calgary | Collaborative approach with our clients and trades.

Garage Builder In Calgary | See Our Recent CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS

Garage Builder In Calgary | I am happy to provide references from past projects as well should you like them. In the spirit of that transparency, Eakins Contracting and Construction quotes are free. We are confident that the quality and speed of our work is fairly reflected in our pricing and we are happy to discuss this pricing with you before the toolboxes are even touched.